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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Merry Christmas

No, no more whining, no more complaining.

Jesus is coming. Let the earth rejoice!
O come let us adore him!! Christ-Christ! The Lord!

My little pithy problems, and really, that is what they are, so small, are nothing compared to true human suffering. When I read about the Sudan or babies being malnourished in India or left behind in China, when I hear about fires burning down a home nearby or families with men and women in the military-especially those involved in the recent bomber attack-I have to really look at myself. I'm not so bad off.

Are there things I want? Yep. And I tell God these dreams and wishes every single day.

But ultimately, the best gift is Him. Is his Grace. Is his Love.

I love thee Lord Jesus

Merry Christmas, Everyone.


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