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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Separated Brethren

Well, the sledding was a bust-it's all mud out there. :-( I was so looking forward to seeing the kids!!

I was also looking forward to hanging out with some of the other youth ministers in the area. As I mentioned in the post below I am in Protestant Land. This is odd for me only a little-I grew up going to a Christian school, so I was a minority and asked lots of questions. But recently I spent time in the Irish Catholic ghetto of South Boston where a Protestant is as likely to show up as an African American.

I often wonder-what is the best way to evangelize or speak about our Faith to our separated brothers and sisters? Is it wise in a land where we are the minority? Do they actually believe that they have the fullness of the Faith? I know some of them are still skeptical of Catholics and thier (our) claim that we are indeed Christian, but in this case do actions really speak louder than words?

The benefit, I've noticed is that many of our Catholic kids have deep questions-they really want to know that answers-why are we different from friends? Don't we all believe the same basic stuff?

Any thoughts in regards to our beloved yet separated brothers and sisters in Christ?


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