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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Good Catechetical Resources

The last post got me thinking about this next question.

We confirm in 10th grade, and now we have an expanding 11th and 12th grade Bible Study. We need to break up the class because it is loosing it's intimate charm, so we have decided to do a Faith Study. Many of the kids are interested in this because so many of their friends are not Catholic.

The trouble is that I find many of the catechetical resources either to bookish and not user friendly (esp to a teen) but excellent in content, or user friendly and quite teen friendly, but maybe a little light in it's content.

Besides the LifeTeen Confirmation program (which is both user friendly and excellent in content) does anyone else have any good ideas for resources for 6th-12th grade?


Blogger Jaime said...

I put together a peer ministry team for my juniors and seniors. Some would help lead retreats for the junior high, some would help with catechesis. But the group would get together and learn about what ministry really meant. That it wasn't someone coming with with a cure for whatever ails you. But someone who can be supportive and caring.

With the peer ministry program, I was able to keep about 60% of my juniors and seniors participating. Some even gave up things like danceline to stay involved in church. It also gave me better control of what the rest of the students were hearing. Plus they got to hear it from someone not too much older than themselves.

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