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Tuesday, January 04, 2005


I keep quite a lengthy list and my family usually goes there to get my gifts, thankfully.

I had on my list "Letters To A Young Catholic" by George Weigel, and my sister got it for me. While I was home sick I read almost the entire book. (Actually, the link is to Barnes and Noble who had a better price then Amazon). If you know of any graduating kid either in High School or College give them this book.

Weigal takes us to various places we revere in the Catholic world and from there writes about a particular belief we have. For those who have studied Theology and are often confronted with Catholic who challenge those beliefs, it is a great support and reminder of the joys of our faith. For someone not well versed in the whys of our Faith, it is a fantastic outlook on the exceptional life we live-where the "rules" are not about following them because they are rules or that they are enslaving, but that they really lead us to freedom, happiness and contenment.

I plan on giving it to my college girl who goes to a pseudo-Catholic university and is already drifting, as well as the Seniors, so that they can have another witness to the Faith.


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