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Friday, December 10, 2004

Everyone needs someone this great in their lives! Posted by Hello

This is my niece, affectionately referred to as "Peanut" or "the Peanut". She is the joy of my life. She is like me: stubborn, willfull, strong-minded, love to laugh and go crazy. We get a long great!

To know me is to hear stories about her. Like the one where she tells me her teachers at pre-school are "MissSue" and MithRuth". Or the time she picked up a rock and said "I'm taking this home to Mama". Or reading "Areil" for the millionth time. Or when she insists on putting in the U2 DVD and dancing and singing like Bono (right on girl!). Speaking of which, she knew the words to most of the songs on the new album before I even got it. She's 4. How does she do that?

This picture was taken last Thanksgiving. I had a digital camera that had an screen would swing around so that you could look at yourself as if in a mirror. So she thought it was great fun to take several pictures this way. This is one of many. And by many, I mean she was enamoured for an hour.


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