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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The NETters are here...

I love it when the NET Team comes.
I have two girls staying with me, Sami and Kat. Love them both, love the team. Team 6 is a fantastic team.

They came on Sunday to do a retreat for our 9th graders and won over some of the most cynical kids in our class. GET THEM. Bring them to your diocese. Tell your Senior High and College kids to apply. They are in need of GOOD MEN AND WOMEN. GO!! CHECK IT OUT!


Blogger Walter Babetski said...

This is my first stop here. Nice idea for a blog. Two of my teenage daughters just returned from this Michigan group, with which they spent four months.

10:56 AM  
Blogger Philothea Rose said...

Hey, ask them if they know Victor ( think his last name is Sanchez. I think he's on the home team. Anyways, he was on my husband's CORE team for a couple of years. We miss him!

BTW, great blog. I can totally relate.

12:34 PM  

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