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Friday, April 27, 2007

Divine Revelation

Since Jen wrote about her catechesis on "God, the Father", I felt like I should write on mine. Like Jen, I was not so thrilled when I got "Divine Revelation" on my index card. I like to say it found me, not that I chose it. If there's one thing that I think I would never teach in a youth group setting, Divine Revelation, would be it. But I don't get to be ignorant like that. I walked around with an attitude for a couple days about it and then I got over it. The truth is, we don't get to pick and choose which parts of the deposit of faith we catechize about. We owe all of our kids the truth....the whole truth. So, I snapped out of it and am now digging the depths of the Catechism and reading about Revelation. There's so little that we teach about it and sometimes we come to forget it, but the truth is, we could know very little about God without it.

Revelation is Amazing! I know you guys know that, but having this as my catechesis is amazing. Try breaking down Revelation for a bunch of high schoolers...that's right friends, I'm using the Princess Bride, Matt Maher's "Love has Come" and of course a "gift" to show that God reveals to us gradually and in stages. Perhaps my favorite example that I've come up to teach Revelation is that God has given us everything that we need to know to win salvation. He's not going to start a game with us, and then half way through change the rules, and that friends is amazing. He's laid out for us the clearest path to him: his Son.

In fact, if there's one thing I want them to walk away with, it's this: LOVE HAS COME TO SHOW THE WAY!

I can't wait to teach this tomorrow and I hope that I can only give him Glory and Honor through my words. They will never be enough to describe him, but they are what we have. Please say some prayers for Jen and I as we go outside of the comfort zone to catechize our Church.

As soon as it's done and presented, I will try and post it up here. Jen and I are looking for a place in which we can all post things and have those resources available.

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