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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Ecclesial Method

Youth ministry is evolving. It has too. No longer should we be doing just Sunday night "youth group". If you are, please, for the love of St Christopher, read "Renewing the Vision" and overhaul your workload.

Part of what you need to do, whether you are the DRE for HS as well or not is know how to impart the truths to the youth. If you aren't in charge of the program at least be one of the teachers.

It had been thought that we needed to start with evangelization and then move into catechesis. Now we are discovering that they have to work in tandem. They have to hold hands, as it were. There can't be any real evangelization without some knowledge of the work of God. There can't be any real catechesis if there is not an openness to receiving Jesus Christ.

I'll flesh these out more as time goes on, but for now, chant this to yourself:
1. I will order and read "The Mystery We Proclaim" (see sidebar, hey click on it and send a few bucks my way). Repeat that ten times.
Then chant:
2. Preparation, Proclamation, Explanation, Application, Celebration (all together now...)

The General Directory will say that there is no method-and then proceeds to give us a method. Really, this is correct. It can't be said that there is only one specific way that will catechize everyone at all time. However, what has been spelled out, both in the GDC as well as TMWP is a common sense approach that works for just about everyone.

What is incumbant upon you, my dear evangelist is that you incorporate an attitude of excellent catechesis in yourselves as well as a love for the kids. Most of us go into it because we just love loving the young people, but we have to give them the Faith, not just our goofy selves.

So chew on that for awhile. Chant it til you say it in your sleep and inappropriately blurt it out at staff meetings. Or instead of the Creed at Mass. Yeah, like the parishionors already don't look at you oddly. That's all you need, huh?!

Have a good one!


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