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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Respect Life Sunday

I'm a little late on this one. I knew it was coming up yet I forgot until I was at Mass this morning that this Sunday is Respect Life Sunday.

Several people from the diocese and the University lined the major road through town with signs promoting a pro-life message. Even the Bishop was out there! I was so convicted I turned around and went to go pray at the Adoration chapel.

I'm not tooting my own own. No, I realized that abortion has been so constant, so with us, to prevelant that I often don't even think about it. Yeah, when we pray for it at Mass or someone includes it in a Rosary, I'm all about praying against abortion. But I was stunned at how numb I'd become to it's realities. As the sign says Abortion DOES kill children. Abortion DOES wound women. Abortion DOES wound fathers. God DOES heal and forgive. Adoption IS a magnificent way to go.

Early on in college I had a roomate who was very involved in the pro-life work. I knew that this was not my particular calling, that in youth ministry I hoped to keep girls from even getting to the point that abortion would ever be an option. This was a good choice and it's still a large part of my vocation.

However I find that I've not advocated for the unborn or for pro-life measure with as much passion as a Christian really should. I might have mentioned it a few times during the year, but with the lull that today's world can rest on us, it is beyond vital that we make this plea more well known.

Please have the courage today to plan your entire youth group on the Pro-Life message. Below are several sites that have information. Unfortunately you will have to plan the night yourself, but I can at least point you to some good resources.

I know your work with the youth is vital, that maybe you don't think a whole lot about this point. Today, however might be a good time to wake up, to be more bold, to be more resolute both in prayer and in witness to the necessity of challenging the institution of abortion. We must wake others up, our kids and their families. They might not like the intrusion, but in all things, we teach and witness also with charity.

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