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Monday, July 17, 2006

Snap Yo' Fangles

It's so fascinating being at each of the 4 youth conferences. Each conference has had it's own personality. Sure, Bob Lesnefsky told different stories, the speaker were different, the crowd had different participants- - - it's just facinating, all the same.

Mary Bielski and I were talking Friday evening that it almost seemed like the Saturday night experience was about to happen on Friday evening. The kids mostly seemed to be there. Charlie Cantrell thought Bob would do the alter call, as did Mary and I. What we all seemed to note that because there were fewer groups (not fewer kids, though) the groups themselves were largely responsible for how the weekend went.

What I mean is, in each group there seemed to be several kids who had been before and several who hadn't-so the kids who had come before influenced the kids who hadn't been. Last week there were several smaller groups (63 group leaders). This week there were 34 groups, but larger groups.

It seemed like it was a positive experience for nearly everyone. It's such an honor to be a part of this ministry. I miss being on the front lines, but love ministering to those who come here. I think the whole team felt the same way.

Now I'm off to go get errands done. I don't have any air conditioning in my house and it is 92 degrees outside today! Gotta love vehicles with air conditioning!!

God bless all!!


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