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Friday, January 06, 2006

Yet I Love Them Still

Because today everything is back to normal!!

I realized yesterday how easily it is for me to froth at the mouth. Seriously! Have you ever listened to the crap that comes out of your mouth? You should hear mine!!

I have spent the entire week b!+(#ing and moaning about not being able to work like I normally do. I mean, I probably told every person who cared to hold a conversation with me. I went on and on about how ridiculous it all was, how inconvienced I was, what a pain in the patootee this was diarrea of the mouth I tell you. Granted, it's still unprofessional to take us all offline for so long, but so is my complaining.

Yesterday two top tech guys spent 3 hours on my computer trying to figure out why I couldn't get reconnected. I just shut my mouth because first of all I'd frothed enough, but mostly because I couldn't see how I could kvetch about not having things work and then kvetch about what they need to do to get me back "online".

So, today these guys are my heroes. My great geeky heroes! Kudos to you!!! THANKS!


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