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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Advent: Prepare Ye The Way

Hey. How is your advent going? Are you taking time to deepen your own walk with the Lord? Regardless of how crazy liturgy commitee is messing around with things can you put that out of your mind and sit and prepare for the Lord's coming?

I think one of the greatest dangers Youth Ministers face is that it can be really easy to be undisciplined because our schedules are so random! No two days look alike! You might have to at work by 9am (gasp!) for the staff meeting one day and then the next not show up until 1pm because you have a meeting or Religious Ed that will last you until 9 or 10pm. Then you go home and crash and watch tv for awhile and fall into bed.

When did you pray?

Last weekend we sang a Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord song. For the first time this year it struck me to prepare the way in others' hearts was my calling. That is, what can I do to help others' hearts be open and ready for the Lord? I was really excited as it meant that I wouldn't be navel gazing for once!

What has your advent been like? Are you able to enter in outside of the prayer services that you lead with the 7th graders?


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