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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Mind All Their Own

I don't think computer tech guys live in our world-or think like the rest of us. I'm sorry, there it is.

The place where I work has decided it is ok for the entire system to be down for two full weeks. I have not been able to email or blog or do any kind of internet research whatsoever-unless I come down to the local library and get things done-which is where I am today.

No place of business would find this acceptable in the least. One of my friends who works for a web-hosting company can't believe taht this is going on.

Today one of the computer guys came to check out my computer and for some unkonwn reason now I need a new computer keyboard. Funny-it worked just fine before he walked in the door. Now I have no computer keyboard, no email and no internet.

So then a new guy came up and tried to install a new keyboard, and when he turned on my computer it said "No operating system". That's it. Nothing. Nada. As in your computer is now mash potatoes.

In a completely unrelated story I went home for lunch today and in my mail was a bill from the gas company for $750. Please tell me how I spent $21.00 a day in gas when I live alone. And last month's bill was $172. Please tell me that there is something in the air today...


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