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Friday, December 09, 2005

Apply Your Mind To The Text!

I get so frustrated when I hear Catholics or Christians with whom I agree with in principal totally blow it when they go to argue those principals.

Folks, the world does not think like us! We cannot take our Catechisms into a wordly debate and say "See?! Because it says so!".

I had a professor in college who, when I'd ask "why" would say "Because that's the way it is". Eventually I quit going to class and only showed up for the tests, resulting in dour looks from this professor everytime our paths crossed. I was annoyed because I wanted to know WHY. I wanted an intelligent answer to my questions. I should be able to expect this at the University level. (My other classes were much better, never fear).

So when I came across this article from Your Catholic Voice I was delighted. If we are going to win the culture wars we have to trust in the sensibility of truth. We have to use our intellect and words wisely so as to change minds and hopefully change hearts.

I used to have another professor who would never take dumb questions. In this class, there definately were "dumb questions". He would bellow at us "Apply your mind to the text!" That is-use your brain dufus. Think about it. Make use of that God given gift called a thinker, a reasoner!!

This article from YCF is about the abortion debate. If you have a lesson on morals, particularly on abortion, this would be a great backbone to the lesson. Of course, you may have to do some of your own homework, but this debate teachers' words ring true:

"Do yourself a favor. Find a way, in one sentence, one sentence that neutralizes your opponent's position, and states your position in a way that cannot be misunderstood. At most use two sentences. Then use an illustration than cannot be misunderstood. But force yourself to talk less and communicate more. Use a statement. Ask a question. Make a comparison, but talk less, and communicate more. No one, and I mean no one is going to remember one point that your team made today. If facts and figures mattered, there would be no debate."


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