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Are you in youth ministry and you've had it with crazed parents? Rollin' your eyes at the pastoral council? Tired of administration work? Love youth? Love the Church? Appalled at parish politics? Looking for some good games? For a creative ways to teach a lesson for Religious Ed? Just need a place to veg out and say "phew! Someone outside of the parish to talk to!"? Grab y'r Starbucks, turn the computer away from the staff's eyes, grab a seat on a donated dusty couch and let it all go.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


The kids are going to shoot me for saying this, but a great way to find out what is going on in their lives is find out if they have a blog of their own on or

Be warned that sometimes kids just spout off, but sometimes what they are saying is what they really mean. And they may have lyrics or music or words that would make Grandma blush, but it's called "myspace" for a reason. The great thing is we can look inside their world without knocking first.

Of course, it's always the best to keep working on your relationship with the kids you work with. The best times I've ever had was over a coffee or cheeseburger talkin' 'bout life. Then they know that they can talk to you about the stuff that really matters to them.


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