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Thursday, January 27, 2005


I would love it if there were a Catholic version of YouthWorker and Group Magazine. Those kids got it down. I like their stuff, but often wonder how our Catholic understanding of the world and faith would look at these issues differently.

There is just SO much stuff to discuss!!! How to be genuine, reaching out to kids on the outside, building relationships, how to do a budget, what to do when the pastor drives you crazy, when parents go ballistic, what happens when you realize you got into this because you love kids and you stink at administration, how to deal with our own issues of trust, sexuality, belief in the teachings of the Church, how to gather other youth ministers, what to do when you screw up, our prayer lives, our families, being social, not working overtime (a very important one for those of us who are single), remembering justice and social issues aren't just for the "liberal" that pro-life issues aren't just for the "conservative", how to implement all of the 8 Components of Youth Ministry into the work of the Church with, if I had a publishing background I think I'd start that kind of magazine journal. I haven't even started to really think, those are all just off the top of my head.

Anyone interested??


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I would love to have a Catholic Version of Youthworker or Group. I have subscribed to both. A place to explore different models of Youth Ministry. Different ideas, etc. I found group to be very well done. There is NOT a CAtholic Youth Ministry 'ethos' out there yet. Youth ministry is an after thought, just after "flowers for easter in church".


Fr. tom

11:47 PM  

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