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Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Sower's Book Reviews

So below I told you about The Sower magazine. It's a great resource if you are also doing Confirmation or other Catechetical work. Again, I'd also advise coming to the Bosco conference held at Franciscan University.

I have found a few reviews that might be helpful as you are getting ready for this upcoming year.

If you are doing Confirmation and your parish doesn't do it the "restored order" way I have two resources I think are par excellance.

First up is LifeTeens' R.O.C. program or "Rite Of Confirmation". It is written for the 8th grade but you can upgrade it for other grades as well. What I like most about this particular program is that it unabashadly proclaims the Truth in all it's glory and fullness, but in a totally cool way that kids can relate to. Quite often I find that texts that have the fullness of faith lack the relatability factor. In my opinion if you don't have a way for the kids to connect to it, you might as well be teaching quantum physics. They won't get it and they won't apply it to their lives. The teachers' manual is solid as well and gives you a variety of ways to apply that weeks' lesson.

Second up is Eric Westby's Confirmation and Renewal Curriculuum. As Bob Rice's review says "The aim of this curriculuum is to assist teenagers in making a respone to Jesus Christ, with the goal of sending them on apth towards life-long discipleship in the Catholic Church".

I have not had the opportunity to browse through it myself, but knowing Eric's background in youth ministry and then his work in Catechesis, I believe he will bring the Church and the youth together in a way that will assist youth in connecting to Jesus Christ through the beauty and truths of our Faith. It appears that it is geared towards older students, as it can be used for Confirmation or for Juniors and Seniors. Bob's review also makes mention that it is not a total Youth Ministry package, but meant to be used in the context of comprehensive youth ministry. My guess would be that "Catechetical" part of comprehensive youth ministry. But that' s just me. Go to the link above and download the links, particularly the Sample Copy of the Coordinators' Copy. That has good info in it.

PS I'm still looking for an online link for LifeTeens' ROC program. Will get it to you when I find it.


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