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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Justice and Equality

I got some who don't like my policy on Justice with the kids. What blows my mind is that we seem to think that serving others is about us.

It's not.

Charity, maybe. Justice is about others.

This is why I love Bono. If you think he is another dumb rock star with a pet project, think again. What he has to say here has to challenge us. If it doesn't, then we DON'T GET IT.

FOLKS: JUSTICE IS NOT JUST FOR THE LEFT!! It's not left or right or democrats or republicans, rich or poor. Hungry is hungry. Dying of disease needlessly is dying. We live in comfort and relative peace in this country not giving another thought about stretching ourselves for our brothers and sisters. And this is just not right.

Read and watch Bonos' speech from the National Prayer Breakfast. And for the love of God, do something.


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