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Monday, March 13, 2006

Keep Prayin'

For our friend who is helping a student with cutting. They will be talking to the guardians this evening. Pray for wisdom and strength! St John Bosco, pray for us! St Maria Goretti, pray for us!


Anonymous another youth minister said...

An update...we had a snow storm here yesterday so my student, her gaurdian and I couldn't meet. Instead I encouraged my student to tell her gaurdian herself (she was nervous and wanted to get it over with.) My student called me later that night to tell me she had told her gaurdian and that they were going to get her counseling. She also said that she felt much better now that it was out in the open. Thank you so much for the prayers! Please continue to pray that they promptly find the right counselor for her and that she can get on the speedy road to recovery! Thanks again so much for the prayers!

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