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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Youth Ministers' Retreat

Was so totally awesome.

Franciscan University Christian Outreach office had a retreat just for youth ministers. It seemed like a lot of people needed to be refreshed and rejuvinated. Hey, youth ministry is a tough business! Can I get an "Amen"??!!

One of the best lines of the weekend came from Fr John Gordon. At Mass on Sunday morning he talked about -well, he talked about a lot of great things. But he touched on the fact that even the unclean spirit in the man knew who Jesus was and shreiked, i.e. that he was the Holy One of God. At the end of his homily he asked us if Jesus was more present in the tabernacle than in the monstrance. No, we replied. What makes the difference?, he asked us. "We can see him" we replied. Then he said "Let's not be just tabernacles of Jesus. Let's be monstrances"


I think every youth minister in that chapel had their hair blown back. We all had this collective "wow..." under our breath. I mean, we're the ones who think up these creative teaching moments for our kids: and here we get one that is so powerful.

So, don't just be a tabernacle: Be a monstrance.


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