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Monday, November 21, 2005

We All Know He's There...

In the past few months since John Paul II has died I began to realize that I no longer have to mourn never getting to meet my hero: I can talk to him directly and beg him for intercession. I truly believe that he is getting even more work done up there than he ever did down here (we all know what that says) so why not make ourselves available to his intercession?

This is a prayer that I've been using quite often lately:

Dear John Paul II, Papa
You were the spiritual director of my formation. You inspired countless youth to live the ideal, to do something great with our lives
and not be ground down by mediocrity.
You instructed us that our dream of happiness was only found in Jesus,
that nothing else will satisfy or satiate our thirst for fullness.
Pray for me, I beg, as a faithful daughter/son for guidance and direction.
Intercede for me to the Father for direction in my life.
I choose not mediocrity or staleness, but joy, hope, and faith.
Guide me in my choices, bring to mind those things to pursue
and those things to leave behind.
I wish only to be a humble servant, following the ways of our Lord and bringing others to the hope and joy of salvation in Christ. Amen.


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