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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Fear Of Being Caught

Do many of you feel like you have to hide being a Catholic-even when you work for a Catholic Parish?

I just found out that the RCIA director of the parish I formally worked at is teaching that Jesus did have brothers and sister, Mary and Joseph had other kids.


I guess then that the whole notion of Mary being "ever Virigin" as we know to be true is wrong. Or that Joseph and Mary lived a "Josephite" marriage, that they never sexually consumated their marriage but it was a true marriage nontheless. Or that the word "kin" that Jesus uses is the same that Abraham uses to talk about Lot: who is his nephew. Or that Jesus gave Mary to John who was not his blood brother, when the Jewish custom is for the brother of the deceased would take in the widow.

It is still quite fresh for me, knowing the struggle that it is to be able to fully celebrate being a Roman Catholic when even the parish staff you work with doesn't believe in the teachings of the Church-and the pastor doesn't require them too. I have worked on staffs where staff members are living with boyfriends or same-sex partners. I have worked with parish staff members who deliberately teach things that are not true, who use the National Catholic Distorter, I mean Reporter as though it were the Catechism.

It is one of things I mourn most about the average parish here in the States, at least. The blind leading the blind. And pastors not only not putting a stop to it, but engage in such foolish behavior as well.

To me, I am responsible for my brothers and sisters. If I hinder their entrance into heaven because I hurt them or taught them to believe something that was not true, it would be on my head.

To all those working in parish life and feel like they have to hide being a Catholic, you have my prayers and sympathies. You are not alone! Keep going! Pray, use the Sacraments, find fellowship, know that God knows how bad it can get and that you are responsible to always do the right thing. May you be strengthened with many graces and blessings!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is very difficult sometimes to be orthodox in a world that values novelty. When parish workers don't see the danger in "The DaVinci Code," for example, even as they say that their incoming Confirmation class doesn't know their faith -- or care, makes you want to shake the lovely lady and say, "Can you see any relationship?"

My favorite question for the "plumpers" is, "Gee, where did you find THAT?" (and don't give up until they tell you something or question it themselves.)

Anyway, kiddo, (yes I am an old lady--the tail end of the pre-Vatican II catechesis) keep on plugging and remember: "In the spirit of Vatican II" actually has nothing to do with either the Spirit or the documents of Vatican II (but you already knew that!)

11:04 PM  
Blogger Anonymous said...

So what did you do about the false teaching of the RCIA director?

7:40 AM  
Blogger TCYM Lounge said...

That might take a whole 'nother post...

I actually am not at that particular parish anymore, so I can't do anything.

It gets really tricky when you are on staff with someone and they do things like this and you have no control over the situation.

Then again, some would say it is the responsibility of another staff person to stand up and say "Stop". But you can do this at your own political suicide. That is, if you want to keep doing the excellent stuff you are doing, you can't tread on the other staff members lest they tread on you for being "too conservative".

10:46 AM  

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