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Friday, September 16, 2005

Catholic Education: Does Yours Measure Up?

Whether you are in charge of Religious Education or do the Youth Ministry side of Comprehensive Youth Ministry (in my not so humble opinion I believe the two should never be separated, but several pastors and youth ministers think otherwise) you, as someone who works with youth either directing or assisting with their formation, you should know by now that you fall under the directives of Ex Corde Ecclesiae.

Deal Hudson was able to meet with Archbishop J. Michael Miller, the Secretary of the Congregation for Catholic Education in the Vatican. "That means he helps oversee Catholic education from kindergarten to college and graduate school throughout the world." says Mr Hudson

Miller gives us the 5 marks of Catholic Education:

1. "Inspired by a supernatural vision." Schools are about preparing students for "heavenly citizenship."

2. "Founded on a Christian anthropology." Education is the "perfection of children as images of God."

3. "Animated by communion and community." Schools should have the collaboration, interaction, and environment that "safe-guards the priority of the person."

4. "Imbued with the Catholic worldview across the curriculum," Catholic education should "transform the way we see reality."

5. "A place where committed Catholics teach." Catholic teachers should themselves be "witnesses for Christ."

It is a grave responsibility to pass on the Catholic faith. It is nice and easy to witness to if you believe in the doctrines and dogmas of the Faith as well, but not necessary to the fact that you must pass on what the Church teaches. That you may not agree with say, the teaching on birth control or Confession or a male only priesthood is of little consequence. It is too bad that you will have to teach against what you believe, but teaching Catholic youth is not about what you believe-it is about what the Church teaches. If you believe in it as well, that just makes it easier to give witness to and frankly, makes the Truth significantly more attractive.


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