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Saturday, September 10, 2005


Last night we had two seminarians from the Legionaries of Christ over for dinner and prayer. While talking to one of the brothers he asked me if I had ever heard of I said no, and realized that I've not done anything to provide info on vocations.(PS if you have good info on vocations I'll add it in the vocations area.)

Being that I believe I'm headed for the married life, I remember to bring up the topic often enough, even with the kids. I did do a session one class time where I invited a priest, a nun, a consecrated woman and a married couple to come and talk about their call to vocations. Most of these people were folks that the kids already knew, but I don't know that it makes a difference whether they know them or not.

Consider having a vocations night for youth group or religous education class. I think you can have these witnesses come talk even to middle schoolers. Hearing how God is working in other people's lives can help the youth learn to recogize when the Lord is speaking to them.

PS I had a friend who, when she was young, thought the word was "vacations", so she prayed and I'm sure many on break from work had a lovely time...


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