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Monday, August 22, 2005

Totally Cool News We Already Knew

We all know that most of us are suspicious when it comes to the MSM. However I was watching the "Today Show" this morning and Matt did an article on Spirituality in America. I have been trying all day to get the video clip to run but it keeps going to "sexless marriage".. hmm...maybe that's what they really wanted us to see instead...

But I found this on the site about the latest Newsweek. I went to the site for "Roman Catholics" where they made this statement:
But now, as the generation raised under the more orthodox Pope John Paul II comes of age, some young Catholics are searching for a more rigorous form of faith. ..This is one of the few colleges in America where a "Hail Mary" isn't just a last-minute football play.

And they weren't talking about Notre Dame...this morning NBC interviewed one of the students from FUS.

But all this talk-we already knew it.


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