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Monday, August 15, 2005

Germany's Black Eye

This story had started a few days ago and I've been keeping tabs to see what has or has not happened. Already Germany is getting bad press because of some bad decisions in regard to World Youth Day 2005.

Bishop Kamphaus (Limburg Diocese, Germany) went to Cameroon in early 2005 and invited young people in Kumbo to Germany. Those who were to come were selected by their parishes and vouched for by their bishop. The Limburg Diocese raised the money to pay for the return flights and the Cameroonians' stay.The diocese organized a week of events for the visitors and found out the day before the visitors were due to arrive that it would have to cancel the program.

I realize that countries don't want people sticking around illegally afterwards, but it appears that most of those who have been turned down for visa's are from much poorer countries. Among others refused are 600 pilgrims from the Philippines. Really? Do you think they are all going to stay there? Even if half a dozen stay is this such a big deal when we are talking about the thousands-even up to millions-are coming for one of the biggest religous youth gatherings in the world? I don't get it. I'm glad that the Bishops are joining the fight.


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