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Friday, March 04, 2005

The Next Generation: Orthodox Or Myth?

Amy Welborn has a posting about whether or not this generation of young people are orthodox or if it's a case of "wishful thinking" as Joe Feuerherd claims.

I am of the opinion that they could be solid integrated Catholics, living the fullness of the faith so long as we don't drop the ball. Even one of my well-meaning catechists has been known to use questionable literature during class (Catholic Updates-sometimes they are good, sometimes...well...just look at who publishes them and you'll get the idea).

We also cannot drop the ball when it comes to inviting them in. I think that there may be a danger that as we become more "conservative" both as a nation and as a Church, the next group will rebel against this. Already we have youth who bash Bush because of the war, and youth who are used to questioning every authority figure because who can be trusted? The Church whose priests touch kids??

True, they are immature, their minds are not fully formed and they live in a bubble of reality. However, this reality can still impact their lives if they are never challenged to think through some of the idiocy that is our American Culture. We have lost the capacity to reason in this nation and everything is authority-or nothing is authority. Y'know, whatever. Who's to say who is right? Does it really matter as long as we're just good people?

Folks: WAKE UP. We cannot afford to loose. Souls are waiting, waiting for Christ! We gotta get this right!!


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