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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Stations Of The Cross

Tonight I'm practicing with about 12 Middle and High school students for the Stations. Each staff member takes a week and has people from the various ministries we run do the Stations. This week is my week.

I had a few kids who missed the Confirmation Retreat, so they are on duty to do the Stations. Fortunately, they were all drama kids, i.e. creative kids, and we've come up with what I think is a great way to pray the Stations.

Last week the little ones acted out each Station. This week, the teens are doing freeze frame behind a curtain-shadow style. One of the girls (actually, my secreatary's daughter) is quite creative-and quite bossy. She came up with the poses for each station and has taken over directing-with my oversight, of course.

But she's really doing a fantastic job. She found stations that both adults and youth can relate to, came up with the idea, and has even gotten more kids involved in doing the stations. She's just a hoot in action.

I'm excited to see them do this-they will do an excellent job of presenting and keeping the mood prayerful and inviting the people into the prayer of the Stations. They really are doing a fantastic job.


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