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Friday, March 31, 2006

Catholic JVC

There are some Catholics who are a part of the Jesuit Volunteer Corp, but I know that you don't have to be Catholic, some of the supervisors aren't Catholic, everyone lives together in one big happy house (guys and gals) and the formation is and loose.

Here they come to save the day! This is the way it ought to be.

If you have any young adults interested in spending 6 months to give of their time, be in excellent formation, and deepen their relationship with God and others, send them to Youth Arise North America. (or maybe you need a break from parish life, but don't want to leave the service of the Church)

YANA is an excellent choice. Their Four Pillars are: Catholic Household Living (divided by gender), Theological and Spiritual Formation (in light of orthodox Catholic tradition), Evangelistic Mission Trips (being trained and then putting the training to use) and Ministry Internships.

This is the organization I had always wanted to form when I was in Boston. There are SO many empty convents that could be used for a group like this, and such a better program than JVC has to offer. The formation will last a lifetime, living in household gives you support in your learning and work and working for the Church as a volunteer is a noble, rewarding job.

Pass this info on to anyone you think would be interested. If you know NET, it is like NET, but for a shorter amount of time-and you are working with a population that is broader than teens (but includes them as well!)


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