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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Justice And Immigration

I'm generally not a fan of regurgitating other people's blogs and information. Too many blogs repeat the same info and it gets, well repetitive.

However, I think this issue of immigration is quite a necessary thing to talk about, as it relates to many areas of our faith: Justice, compassion, mercy, Good Sameritan...justice, for them, for those of us here legally...

I don't find any easy answers on this one. Everyone has an opinion on this:
The Official Catholic Site
George Will

From my favorite opinionated woman, (and a great Catholic political thinker) Peggy Noonan:
When you don't love something you lose it. If we do not teach new Americans to love their country, and not for braying or nationalistic reasons but for reasons of honest and thoughtful appreciation, and gratitude, for a history that is something new in the long story of man, then we will begin to lose it.

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This is one of those issues that I don't think there is an easy "Catholic" answer. I know, I know, many people including many Bishops are saying that we need to be Good Samaritans, that the government can't tell us not to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, etc... but I also wonder what about all of the other immigrants from other nations who just got told "Yeah, 12 million people who entered the country illegally, yes the same country you are now trying to get into-we're gonig to let them get to the front of the line". I'm pretty sure no one is asking for them to get a free pass, there is a proposal to have them to pay a fine, learn English, pay back taxes, not be a criminal in other regards or countries, but I'm not sure it's just to everyone else to grandfather them in.

Then again, we can't exactly send them all packing, and we can't jail them all. They have contributed to the work force and society, even if they haven't been paying their taxes...

Lots of good material to ruminate about.


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